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Like a perpetually half naked snow white




Ladies! Since I get asked daily where to buy affordable bras for the larger chested woman I thought I would show you this ^.^ I got both these bras for £10! From asda and they go up to a G cup (i had to go up a back size to go down a cup but the cups are pretty generous!)
They ain’t the cutest but dammit I refuse to continue spending £35+ on a single bra

I am a guy. So i don’t have this problem. But so many women I’ve known do.
It’s at that point where the government should offer tax credits or something to help women out. I love large breasts. So beautiful. Thank you ladies for sharing. But they can cause serious back problems and for health and medical expense reasons, affordable chest support is an important issue.
And it is a fantastic excuse to reblog a beautiful photo.
Not cute bra? Pfft. You more than make up for it with your own cuteness!

If they don’t do anything about tampons, bras are never gonna get anything because theyre just clothes. I think making reductions more freely available on the NHS would be the better option so then we wouldn’t have the back pain at all!


"The Dornish leader forked a stallion black as sin with a mane and tail the color of fire. He sat his saddle as if he’d been born there, tall, slim, graceful."

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